Library Services

Books: The library has over 27,000 volumes, including bestsellers, fiction, nonfiction, children’s and young adults.

Periodicals: There are 40 subscriptions available plus many donated magazines.

Videotapes and DVDs: The library has over 700 children’s, family and how-to-do videotapes and DVDs. There are also rotating collections of feature films in both videotape and DVD format available.

Audiotapes and CDs: There are over 500 audiotapes and CDs for children and adults. The majority of the collection is audio books with a few music CDs.

Backpacks, Totes, Etc.: There are backpacks, storyboxes, totes and bags available in the children’s room. They contain books, activities, puppets and many more items for the children to enjoy. Some are designed for groups and some for individuals.

Local History and Genealogy: The library has local history reference books covering the Sayre – Athens, PA and Waverly, NY “Valley” area, Bradford County, and many surrounding counties. Information on many of the cemeteries in the county are available. Family genealogies donated by the families are available for reference.

Microfilm: The Evening Times is available on microfilm from the late 1800s. Some years are missing due to loss in a newspaper fire many years ago. A few issues of the other early local papers are also available.

Athens Yearbooks: We have digital copies of the Athens Area HS Yearbooks ranging in date from 1914-2014 and Harlen Rowe Jr. HS Yearbooks from the year 1998 and 2004. We also have hard copies of these yearbooks. Duplicates of any of the years in our collection are for sale. $10/yearbook. Some are signed.

Computers: The library has computers with public access to the internet through a high speed cable connection. A laser printer and color inkjet printer are available. The computers are content filtered to meet CIPA standards. Internet users must sign a usage agreement and receive a computer patron card before using the computers.

Computer Classes: The library is offering computer classes on a variety of subjects (basic computer, internet, Word, & Excel). If you are interested in a class on a specific subject not offered, please let the staff know. If enough people are interested, we will try to set up a class.

Copiers: We have a black/white and color copier available for patron use. The cost is $.25 per page for B/W and $.50 per page for color.

Fax: The library has a fax machine available. The cost is $1.00 for the first page and $.50 per page for additional pages.

Meeting Room: There is a handicapped-accessible meeting room in the lower level of the building. It is free for non-profit group programs, tutoring and library activities. There is a small rental fee to for-profit groups. See our Policies page for more information.

Inter-Library Loan:
Books and materials from other libraries. See our Library staff for  information.

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